Listening Into Experience

Angela Bigford, MA, LPC

Bilingual Somatic Counselor


I am a licensed Somatic Counselor, trained in resourced Whole-Brained methods:  The Behavior Narrative, including Expressive Therapies (Family Constellation work, Hakomi Experiential Therapy, Open Chair Dialog, SandPlay, and Play Therapy) and Belief Work (CBT & Psych-K); Trauma Therapies for Significant Life Events, Chronic Health Conditions, & Relationships (EMDR, BrainSpotting, & Hypnosis); Stress & Nervous System Regulation, New Response Blueprints, and Communication Skills.




Adolescents & Children


Emotions (anxiety, depression, anger, grief)

Trauma (events, health challenges, relationships)

Stress & Nervous System Regulation

Communication & the Behavior Narrative

The Nonverbal Voice

Our Behavior Narrative

As a bilingual Somatic Counselor, I recognize that our thoughts and emotions are necessarily intertwined with the body - internally through physiology (neurological wiring in particular) and externally through our behavior that communicates when words do not.  In the ongoing interplay of unconscious dialog, I believe that there is nothing that is not voiced.  Whether or not it is heard, or even verbalized, is another question entirely.

I help clients explore what personal patterns might be trying to say, move through the chronically challenging ones, and develop new ways of engaging that feel more supportive.

Mehrabian's Communications Model (93% nonverbal)

In spoken communication, the message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is generally:

55% body language, 38% vocal qualities, and 7% words.


Located in Boulder one block west of the SW corner of Foothills and Valmont, 

just off Valmont (2nd floor).

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The Nonverbal Voice

2945 Center Green Ct, Ste E-105, Boulder

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