The Nonverbal Voice:
Listening Into Experience
Angela Bigford, MA, LPC
Bilingual Somatic Counselor

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Partners & Individuals
Licensed Somatic Counselor, trained in Whole-Brained methods:  Expressive Therapies (Family 
    Constellation work, Hakomi Experiential Therapy, SandPlay, & Play Therapy), EMDR, BrainSpotting, &
    Hypnosis for significant life experience recovery, and CBT & PSYCH-K ® core belief work -

Constructivist Partners and Individuals Therapy:

From studies of brain development, we now know that our ways of relating stem from a network of interconnected experiences.  These experiences become our "go-to", unconscious response in what seems like a similar life circumstance.  In relationships, we are not only reinforcing these behaviors, but also triggering them on an ongoing basis.  Awareness of our old "go-to" patterns along with tools to create choice around new behaviors can offer freedom.

To access pattern awareness, I use talk therapy (left brain) and expressive therapies above (right brain) to help individuals and partners map their "go-to" responses - actions, emotions, body tensions, beliefs, etc.  Then using tools such as mindfulness for stress management, Psych-k core belief work to shift negative belief habits, Nonviolent Communication skills, and conscious constructions of behavior change, patterns may shift, providing more empowered ways of relating.  The better we're able to catch personal triggers and their messages, the more we're free to choose our behaviors, improving relationships with those we love. 
Books for Partners & Individuals
The Conscious Heart.  G. Hendricks

Attracting Genuine Love.  G. Hendricks

I Don't Want to Talk About It.  T. Real

How Can I Get Through to You?  T. Real

Women Who Love Too Much.  R. Norwood

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