The Nonverbal Voice:
Listening Into Experience
Angela Bigford, MA, LPC
Bilingual Somatic Counselor

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Welcome!  I am a licensed Somatic Counselor,  trained in Whole-Brained methods:  
   Expressive Therapies (Family Constellation work, Hakomi Experiential Therapy, SandPlay,
   & Play Therapy), EMDR, BrainSpotting, & Hypnosis for significant life experience recovery, 
   and CBT & PSYCH-K® core belief work -

I help clients explore what personal patterns might be trying to say, move through the chronically challenging ones, and develop new ways of engaging that feel more supportive.

  individuals & partners, children & adolescents

Treatment Focus:  chronic challenging patterns (behaviors/emotional states, physical pain, family relationships),
interpersonal communication awareness and support (verbal and nonverbal), traumatic life event recovery (physical and/or relational), sensory sensitivities (excess or lack of nervous system response in daily experience), and grief & loss

My Approach: 
Humanistic and Social Constructivist, working from the understanding of both interpersonal bond development and how beliefs formed from experience shape our ongoing experience

    Working with the Behavioral Narrative of Family Systems -
  • Constructivist Expressive Therapies for Individuals and Partners 
  • Play Therapy for children 5-11 years
  • Adolescent Therapy for adolescents 12+ years

            Whole-Brained methods for Integrating Change:

  • Expressive Therapies (Family Constellation work, Hakomi Experiential Therapy, SandPlay, Play Therapy)
  • CBT & PSYCH-K ®, transforming core beliefs
  • EMDR, BrainSpotting, & Hypnosis, integrating traumatic life experiences 
  • Grief and Loss work, processing life events (including physical health challenges)  
  • Sensory Sensitivity work, awareness & development of resources and skills for improved relations 
  • Skills for Self-Regulation, awareness & development of tolerance for stressful nervous system states
  • Skills for Enhanced Interpersonal Communication
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation practices
"Understanding Behaviors and Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Disorders"
        STAR (Sensory Therapies and Research) Center, Denver, CO                                               spring 2007
"Play Therapy for Adults, Working with the Sensory Voice"
        Access Counseling, Boulder, CO                                                                                             fall 2008
"Hellinger Constellations with Couples, the Somatic Voice in Family Systems"
        Access Counseling, Boulder, CO                                                                                         spring 2009

"Mindfulness and the Nervous System:  Working with Trauma"
        Longmont Brain Injury Support Group, Longmont, CO                                                           spring 2011
Mehrabian's Communications Model (93% nonverbal)
In spoken communication, the message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is generally:
55% body language, 38% vocal qualities, and 7% words
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