The Nonverbal Voice:
Listening Into Experience
Angela Bigford, MA, LPC
Bilingual Somatic Counselor

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Children & Families
Licensed Somatic Counselor, trained in Whole-Brained Methods:  Expressive Therapies (Play Therapy,
     SandPlay, Family Constellation work & Hakomi Experiential Therapy), EMDR, BrainSpotting, & Hypnosis
     for significant life experience recovery, and CBT & PSYCH-K ® core belief work-

Play Therapy and Filial Play Therapy

With normal development, children 5-11 primarily use hands-on experiences, rather than mental/verbal processing in order to make sense of life events.  According to Erikson, the "work" of children is actually play.  Particularly, Play Therapy helps children resolve challenges by creating the opportunity to see outside of themselves the concerns that are hidden inside.  As a play therapist, I provide constructive toys, art materials, and SandPlay figures to help foster a child's exploration of what may not be understood cognitively, nor stated verbally.  Families may also join the play in Filial Play Therapy to further support a child's understanding.  Using in-session play combined with post-session therapeutic verbal follow-up with adults facilitates sense-making for all family members according to their developmental capability.
Starting around 12 years of age, we begin to develop critical thinking skills, which include problem-solving and the ability to reflect on ourselves more verbally.  As a result, work with individual adolescents and Filial Therapy offers the opportunity to integrate a unique take on experience combining talk therapy with experiential hands-on materials and whole-brained methods such as EMDR, BrainSpotting, & Hypnosis for significant life experience recovery, and CBT & PSYCH-K ® core belief work.   When increasing responsibility and freedom are balanced with clear and supportive boundaries, there's room to grow.
Family Reading Resources:
    Books for Parents/Guardians
Becoming Attached: First Relationships and How They Shape Our Capacity to Love.
R. Karen

Building Healthy Minds.  S. Greenspan

Parenting from the Inside Out.  D. Siegel

    Books for Kids on Divorce
Families are Forever! Kids Workbook for Sharing Feelings About Divorce.  M. Smith

I Don't Want to Talk About It.  J. Ransom

It's not Your Fault, Koko Bear: A Read-Together Book for Parents and Young Children.  V. Lansky

Mom's House, Dad's House for Kids: Feeling at Home in One Home or Two.  I. Ricci

    Books for Kids on Grief and Loss
About Dying: An Open Book for Parents and Children Together.  S. Stein

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf.  L. Buscaglia

Lifetimes: A Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children.  B. Mellonie and R. Ingpen

Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers: How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love.  E. Grollman

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